Welcome to The Natural Cut!  Celebrating 20 years of Style!

The natural cut was set up just over 20 years ago. It was and still is a studio that concentrates on the cutting of the hair to a standard that both suits the hair and means that the client can maintain it with ease until it next needs cutting.

We set out to work with you and your hair to achieve a look that works on you all the time. We do not wash hair when cutting because we feel we see the hair better during the cut and how it is reacting. The hair is dampened by spray and by the end dried off if necessary. On principal we do not blow dry hair because our hair styles have been cut to work itself without any big effort.

The natural Cut also believes that we wash our hair too much so less is best with a less strong shampoo. We recommend rinsing each morning and shampooing when one feels necessary.

The cut as we all know is Key and you know your hair better than anyone. so we work with you and at the end of a cut we let you check it. and discuss the final result ie how to maintain it.